Knowing Commercial Garage Door Prices in Buffalo is Half the Battle

Depending on the working environment, there are a lot of factors to consider before selecting a commercial garage door, such as appearance, material, construction, method of operation (manual or automatic), and commercial garage door prices in Buffalo. provided some pointers on choosing garage doors for business establishments.

All About Garage Doors

Typically installed in either tilt-up or sectional roll-up configurations, garage doors can come in flush, recessed panel, or raised panel variants. Your decision should take into account your preferred design, your budget, and the layout of your garage itself—a double garage would need more than one door system, for instance.

Types of Door Materials

Among the best-selling door materials are steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. The latter is particularly popular due to its high durability, light weight, and ease of maintenance. In large heavy-duty systems for commercial facilities, a lightweight composition is especially desirable.

Electric Door Operation

There are three basic types of electronic garage doors: chain drive, screw drive and belt drive. Most electronic systems have ceiling-mounted electric motors as their cores, linked to the doors they’re operating through a mechanism responsible for opening or closing doors. Another type, the torsion system, does not need a chain, belt, or screw; unlike other designs, a torsion-operated garage door does not require overhead tracks and a ceiling-mounted box.

Some systems can be added to existing doors; thus, it’s often not necessary to replace the old one. However, there may still be a need to modify the opening mechanism of the existing door so that it can accommodate an electric opener.


A belt or chain held in the rail mechanism connects the ceiling-mounted motor to the door. These motors are operated by remote control, and come with safety features that prevent the door from closing when obstructed. A half-horsepower motor can lift most typical garage doors.

Maintaining Your Garage Door

For repairs that require commercial garage door parts in Buffalo, contact an experienced provider like Crawford Door of WNY. To keep your garage door running smoothly, the system should be maintained regularly by cleaning the tracks, tightening screws, replacing rusty springs, and lubricating rollers. Also, test your garage door’s reversing feature regularly to make sure that it is still operating safely.

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