Garage Door Installation 101: All about Modern Garage Door Openers

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Garage doors can be made of different materials including steel, fiberglass, aluminum, wood and wood composite. The price of garage door installation in Buffalo will vary depending on the material you choose. They can be opened manually or by using an automatic garage door opener.

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Garage door openers themselves are rather simple. Their basic components include springs, struts, and an operating mechanism.

Even if the decades-old opener you have installed works fine, you still might want to consider replacing it because newer garage door opener models offer better security, safety and convenience. Consider these features that are often standard with the garage door openers of today:

Safety Reversing Mechanisms

In 1993, the government required all garage door openers to be equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. This added feature employs two sensors located just six inches above floor level on both sides of the garage door. When any object, like a child or a pet, runs through the sensor’s light beam, the door immediately stops and goes backward.

Noise Suppression

Does your garage door opener disrupt the household or wake people up in the dead of night because it makes too much noise? If so, a new one will definitely be quieter than what you currently have. Newer garage door openers come with a belt drive, and they are a lot quieter than the chain drives of old.

Keyless Entry

Older garage door openers didn’t have keypads that could be installed right outside your garage door. This useful feature allows you to enter a code that will open the garage door with no keys required.

Backup Batteries

A power outage is a big inconvenience for anyone who owns an automatic garage door opener. To solve this problem, garage door openers are now sold with the option of purchasing a battery backup system that will kick in if you lose electrical power.

If you’re looking to upgrade your garage door opener, a trusted residential and commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo like Crawford Door of WNY Inc. will be able to fulfill your needs.


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