Commercial Garage Door Prices are Influenced by Type and Function

One of the things that set commercial garage doors apart from residential doors is the design. Whereas residential garage doors oftentimes lend to the overall theme and outdoor design of the home, commercial garage doors are typically much less decorative and come in very similar designs. They are built more for withstanding wear and tear and serving a functional purpose than for enhancing appearances. There are various types of commercial garage doors, some of which might be more appropriate for your particular business than others. 

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Commercial garage door prices are directly influenced by the type of garage door that you choose. Different doors offer different features, and the more features a door has, the more it will cost.

Sectional Doors

Sectional garage doors not only offer you easy operation but are also generally more aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient than some other types of commercial garage doors. In addition, sectional doors come with custom finishes and insulation. These doors can be operated via standard lift, high lift, or full vertical lift with a torsion spring.

Rolling Doors

As the name implies, the rolling garage door rolls up and down. These doors essentially consist of curtain slides that roll into a barrel above the door opening. While these types of doors can feature machine-operated lifting, they also come in manual lifting models. Additionally, the doors may have different gauges. While rolling doors offer some degree of insulation, it generally isn’t as much as you could expect from sectional doors.

Sheet Doors

Sheet doors are the most lightweight and cost-efficient option when it comes to commercial garage doors. These doors consist of a sheet of material, and they offer the least amount of insulation of all the commercial garage door types.

Garage Door Parts Buffalo

When it comes to maintenance and replacement, keep in mind that some garage door parts are more easily replaced than others. For instance, if you experience problems with a sheet door, you’re more likely to have to replace the entire sheet than you would have to replace the entire door of a sectional or rolling type. With sectional and rolling doors, you can usually just change the malfunctioning part to get the door operating properly again.


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