A Commercial Garage Door Contractor in Buffalo Knows These Doors Well

If your current garage door is beyond repair, it is time to consider replacing it. There are a number of options available including the side hinged, up and over, roller, sliding and sectional variants, with functions that can be automated with assistance from a commercial garage door contractor in Buffalo like Crawford Door of WNY. E-zine contributor Martin Lambert writes about the immensely popular side-hinged and sliding configurations.

Sliding Garaged Door Versus Side Hinged Garage Door

The Hinged Door

This arrangement uses the traditional and most basic opening approach, namely having a swinging doorway held on hinges. The doors are normally made of wood which gives them a unique, homey appearance. They use conventional handles and locks and either door can be opened while the other is left closed.

The Sliding Door

On the other hand, the sliding garage door is made of metal and combines tracks and rollers that allow it to slide to one side of the garage opening. The door is not built as a single unit, but rather as an interconnected series of panels with jointed junctions; this means that the segments can run on tracks that bend or curve.


One major difference between the two is the potential for motorization. Side hinged doors can be motorized; the smooth movement of rollers on tracks facilitates simpler automation, which makes remote control operation the best way to operate this garage door installation in Buffalo. Keep in mind, however, that the technical challenge is getting both halves to synchronize their movements perfectly, which is why it is best to leave the set-up to the experts.

Cost and Maintenance

The traditional pair of doors still works out as the most economic option, and they are easy to maintain for elegant homes. Sliding doors, on the other hand, can cost more money upfront, but they are easy to use and require little in the way of maintenance. Most sliding components will be sealed with a permanent protective coating, so painting is not required. In addition, many sliding door models have insulated panels that help keep the garage warm.

Side-hinge garage doors would fare better for houses since they are simple and easy to maintain, while sliding garage doors would be ideal for commercial spaces because of their long-term durability and reliability.

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